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Why Insure?

InsureSPR is the preventative and lifestyle care plan that seek to screen and manage Musculoskeletal(muscles and bones) and metabolic diseases guided by Dxa(dual Energy Absorptiometry x-ray).DXA is a low energy x rays ,that emits low radiation than radiation from conventional chest x ray.

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This is the plan for the individuals who want to or already live a healthy active lifestyle but they need a reliable guide that will help to monitor their progress or help start to see how improving their diet, exercise and lifestyle can change their bodies. The tests we do is;
a. Body Composition
b. Bone Mineral density(depending on the age)

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The plan is for the individuals who have already be affected by;
a. Low impact fracture
b. Menopause
c. Cancer-Breast and prostate treatment
d. Longtime Smokers and alcohol users
e. Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, COPD, Chronic Kidney disease, etc
f. Family history of Osteoporosis

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The plan is for individuals who are known to ; a. Osteoporotic(weak, fragile bones)
b. Sarcopenic(weak muscles)
c. Osteosarcopenia(weak bones and muscles)
d. Uncontrolible chronic disease (diabetes, High blood pressure, severe obesity)
e. Weight Management

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What Our Customers Say



“I am working on strengthening my bones by doing weight walking with a weighted vest made for women...Thank you for the advice ”

Marie Simmons ˗ Richards Bay

“ At 65 years of age I requested a bone density test to be done. I had no symptoms at all. That test revealed that I do have osteoporosis. I now know how to deal with my condition”

Annette Thomson ˗ Durban

“ I just finished an 8 month course of daily injections and bone density has improved. Thank you Bone VC ”

Olivia Fourie ˗ Empangeni
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